Say no to indoor air pollution with Royal Atmos!

As someone who’s lived almost all her 21 years of life in Chembur, the pollution capital of Mumbai, I’m no stranger to poor and substandard air quality. At this point, my body’s trained my lungs to use whatever little oxygen it scavenges from the toxic cocktail of air I breathe to fuel my body. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating when I say that the concept of ‘pure air’ is alien to me.

But the problem of unclean air isn’t restricted to when we step outside alone. As the famous saying goes, charity begins at home. And unfortunately, so does air pollution.

There’s actually a lot of factors contributing to unclean air in our homes, some of which we often overlook.



While we’re busy in the kitchen making meals, there are times we whip up toxic desserts for our lungs on the side.
Cooking with gas burners can produce toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde.
Not to mention the smoke emitted on a normal basis while cooking.


Air freshners, Sprays:

While they smell nice, they may not necessarily be lung friendly. These contain chemicals such as Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)which can affect your respiratory system. And not in a good way.


Guess what, perhaps your furniture too!
Yes, you read that right.
Furniture, fabric, furnishings, glue and insulation can emit formaldehyde vapour, causing irritation to the lungs.


Farting. We’re all guilty.

Perhaps you ate a little too much of Biryani last night and today, you let out a huge ball of methane filled gaseous regret. According to statistics, human beings collectively release about 73 metric tons of methane and 1000 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day just by farting. Yep. Your eating habits can literally be the cause of air pollution and global warming!



That’s right. Interior wall paints are a significant source of Volatile organic compounds (VOC) in an indoor environment. Release of total volatile organic chemicals (TVOCs) is the main cause of concern with respect to paints, and can act as irritants or odorants

But, guess what, that’s something we can now chenge, thanks to Asian Paints!


Royale Atmos is a first of its kind paint that is not only pretty to look at, but also cleans the air, making it waaaaaaaay purer than before. This paint is probably your best bet for clean, pollution free air inside your homes!

Why Royale Atomes, you ask? Keep scrolling.

Decreases indoor air pollutant

The royal atmos paint helps decrease harmful air pollutant, formaldehyde, and makes the indoor air healthier to breathe. Yay!



It doubles up as an air freshner!

Yeah, the royal atmos paint smells just as good as it looks! No more do you have to spend on air freshners to make your home smell great, this paint takes care of that!


This paint is your knight in shining armor!

Absorbs malodours

It absorbs various odours like cigarette smoke, rotten eggs, ammonia and garlic therefore making the indoor air fresh to breathe. Even farts! 😛


Activated Carbon Technology

Activated Carbon is the revolutionary technology engineered by the folks at Asian Paints, that powers Royale Atmos and helps it in purifying indoor air.


Teflon™ surface protector to protect your pretty walls from stains!

The royal atmos increases durability and protects your walls against the toughest household and water based stains. What more could you want? 😀


Smooth Matt Finish  look to beautify your home!

No other paint will dare ask “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful of us all?” , because the undisputed winner  is Royal Atmos! And it comes in a lot of colours too!



So what are you waiting for?

Go check out their their page as the first step towards a beautiful, pollution free home. Now! 😀


A drive by through the city that never sleeps.

It’s known by many names, but most fondly call it as the city that soldiers through the night; or she who never sleeps. That’s right folks, I’m talking about Mumbai.


From the jam packed Sion traffic to the breezy stretches of the Marine drive, this city has little that one might not spot in an urban giantess that is Mumbai. With a paradox as big as the lush green Sanjay Gandhi national park sitting square in the middle of the bustling city, one might wonder what aspect of this city exhumes the infamous sparkle and charm that attracts people from over the country towards itself like iron filings do to a magnet.
In the city that was once upon a time one of the strongholds of the British empire, the archaic and grand structures of South Bombay testify to what was once a period rich enough to have impaled itself in bold letters on the timeline of Indian history.
It isn’t for naught that this city is notorious for being an insomniac, for it is the city which is driven from within.
The immense force that pushes this city to its limits is also what keeps it alive and makes its gears turn. If Mumbai was a person, she’d probably make a great motivator. The general drive displayed by the masses is immense enough to validate the common belief that this city is the temple of labour, and that to survive, you must slog – or at least die trying.
The design of this city could easily be an architectural student’s delight. What with all those grand archways, elaborate fountains and those grandiose buildings, one might easily get mesmerised by the beauty of it all.


The Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus is also one of the world heritage buildings, perhaps visited by thousands of people everyday. Many an infamous food joint are also generously dispersed throughout the city; be it Khau galli or the Mohammed Ali road.


For a city that has a million cars and a billion two wheelers, it is in fact quite unsurprising that Mumbai has to deal with a lot of traffic on a day to day basis. To regulate traffic on a scale of a million cars per day is no teensy bit of work; it involves careful vehicular administration and active traffic regulation – both of which are the city’s important aspects born out of need. The city has been designed to function all day, everyday – with ease and grace.
It wouldn’t be wrong on my part to say that Mumbai forges an immortal connection with those who set foot in her lands. You may leave Mumbai, but Mumbai will never leave you. And that, folks, is what the connect is all about.
I think that the whole point of this blog is that the massiveness and the diversity of Mumbai can’t be constrained into mundane limitations such as words.


As someone who has been born and brought up as proud Mumbaikar, I think that the only city capable of leaving me breathless is this  magical seat of dreams kissing the Arabian sea; for no city in the entire world can ever be Mumbai.


The made of great initiative by Tata motors is what inspired me to write this post. Want to get your own car in this city of dreams? Check them out!

Because you don’t necessarily have to be a human being to be #madeofgreat

A little preface: I’m the kind of person who is pretty fierce when it comes to protecting the personal aspects of her private life. So as a consequence, I was naturally in a bit of a dilemma when I came across tata motor’s #madeofgreat campaign , urging us to come forward with our own personal accounts of people with an extraordinary character who made an impact on our lives for the better.

My fingers hovered uncertainly over the keyboard, debating whether or not I should came forth and recount my experiences of what was personally a dark phase of my life; should I, or shouldn’t I? After investing some amount of time in sitting back and doing some thinking, I decided to see this blog post through with my story. Or rather, his.




You see, I have a Dog. And what I’m about to put forth in this blog post is his story of (a lot) of personal struggle. Reading this, I hope that you, the reader, will feel empowered to soldier through this hell of a rollercoaster we call Life, when the times get tough. Aanyway, I’ll cut to the chase and dive straight into the story without further ado. 🙂


Me and Happy, circa 2014.  :)

It was the August of 2014, when I came back home from college one late evening; tired and ravishingly hungry. Happy, as is his favorite way of passing time, was playing in our Balcony with his favorite squish toy. Throwing my backpack in my bedroom, I sunk into the sofa next to the balcony and ritualistically leafed through the day’s newspapers. And suddenly, the calming silence of the evening was broken by Happy’s yelp. My head jerked towards his direction as a natural reflex and the memory of what I saw that day still chills my blood to this day. What happened was that as he tried to jump over the balcony ledge back into the hall, his legs got slapped against the hard wall, and falling down, he suffered a slipped disc. And losing sensation in his hind legs was the most immediate of the consequential aftermaths. So there he was, struggling to get up, whining; his hind legs completely paralyzed and unresponsive. I stood there with a blank face for a few minutes, still registering and processing what happened. My dog, my bestest friend in this whole wide world lay in front of me, constantly failing in his hopeless attempts to stand back up. I let out a shriek. Sprinting inside, I brought the situation to my mother’s notice, and together, we rushed back into the balcony and tried to figure things out. I gingerly pressed one of his hind legs. He didn’t yelp or whimper. So the thing didn’t pain, maybe it was just an harmless sprain? It was only after immediately rushing to the vet and getting him checked, that I realized how wrong my assumption was. Happy had paralysed his hind legs, and that was no innocent sprain. When I asked the Vet about how long it would take for him to recover, she told me what such injuries have no guarantee of healing, owing to their nervous nature. She said that there’s a 50% chance of him recovering, and that we shouldn’t keep our hopes up too high. She also advised that we do an MRI scan asap, and get the problem area of the spinal injury diagnosed. I was aghast. Why, only two hours ago I was on a bus back home, debating on what snacks I should have upon coming back home. What just happened? What was the probability of something this bizarre happening? Only an hour back, Happy was playing, and now he was lying motionless in my arms staring at me with obvious pain in his chocolate brown eyes. It broke my heart. Hell, it broke my soul. I started bawling in the doctor’s clinic. I didn’t know what to do. She kept an assuring hand on my shoulder and told me that there were ways to get him to feel better, the physiotherapy was one of them. She also prescribed some medication and told me to go home and rest. So I took him back home, and from that point on, began our trial. the following video is of Happy on the 7th of August, the day after he fell. (sorry for the crappy video quality, it’s kinda all i had. :/ )

Every morning, I would scoop him up and take him downstairs for a walk ( well, my walk actually, considering that only one of us could do that at present) Thankfully, he could still poop and pee at his will. So in order for him to do those things, I would have to firmly grasp both his limp hind limbs with my hands. I’m not gonna lie to you, it was pretty gross. My hands were stationed mere centimeters from his ass, and there were times when his poop partly fell on my hands( dog poop, by the way, smells awful.)


I can’t even begin to tell you how courageous my dog is, internet. He took each day so, so very bravely; and his eyes never lost their brightness. He was still my furball of sunshine…the injury had only impacted his legs, and not his spirit.  Those were dark, really dark days. He underwent physiotherapy thrice a week, and the doctor marveled at the strength of his spirit, and how tactfully he handled this predicament. I marveled too. I was depressed all through those 6 months. Seeing someone you deeply love and care about lying there is really painful and unsettling, especially when there’s nothing you can personally do about it. My heart broke into tiny pieces everytime I returned back from college, and he dragged his lower half of the body forward, his tail which wagged so furiously upon seeing me presently limp as a log, yet his eyes ever so full of happiness, love and life upon seeing me come back home.



I think that it would be useful to add here that my mother is a music therapist. She regularly worked with patients with autism, Parkinson’s, and a host of other maladies, but full-fledged paralysis, that too on a dog? Could music be able to help tackle something of such gravity? We wondered. Turns out, that it does. 🙂  Happy underwent physiotherapy and music therapy regularly, coupled with his dosage of medicines.


Days lapsed into weeks, which subsequently melted into months. Happy started showing signs of improvement. I think it was his sheer strength of spirit and determination to get back on all of his four feet that helped more than any kind of medication. Determination, as I learned after observing  Happy during those months, worked wonders. You’re only about as paralyzed as your mind.

To be able to conquer a disability and emerge out of it more strengthened than before,  requires a special kind of character. And I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have been able to witness this magical phenomenon posed as a life lesson in guise of a painful experience. Magic exists, folks. I have seen it. I have seen it in my dog. I have seen it every time he laboured to stand and everytime he ended up falling, only to attempt standing up again. Happy taught me a lot of thing thus far in life, but the biggest and the most important lesson he ever taught me was to have faith in myself, and to believe that I can do anything, anything, if I worked for it and wanted it enough. A lot of you have had humans teach you life lessons, in my case, I had my dog. 🙂 To me, he is a billion human beings put together. Today, he can walk normally. He can run. We go for our routine walks just like we did before he fell. Yes, he can’t break into those mad sprints the way he did when he was uninjured. But as someone really wise once stated, We can’t have everything in life, can we? Life leaves us all a bit broken as we progress through this monstrousness that is time and space. And presence of some small part of that brokeness even after we’re whole again is the proof of our trials and the perils we’ve been through. More than anything, they’re parting souvenirs of those dark phases we’ve lived through, which by the way we should happily accept and keep. Today, I can tell you without so much as batting an eyelid that my dog is #madeofgreat. He really, truly, is. Because how many dogs do you see running after a frisbee, especially after having come out of a severe case of paralysis?



Tata motor’s #madeofgreat campaign is what inspired me to come forward and share the story of my dog’s extraordinary journey with the world. Here’s the link to their super awesomesauce website!  Click here!


Embarking upon the smartphone journey with the ever amazing Moto E.

I came back home after a seemingly tough day at college. I’d written two exams, submitted four assignments and attended eight lectures. So at the end of a long, long day I return home to find a text sent by my friend on my crappy basic  mobile phone,

saying that the math assignment which was to be submitted next week is to be handed in by tomorrow. I did not have the questions with me; let alone the answers. And since most of my friends were proud owners of glitzy smart phones, they had absolutely no problem procuring the questions and sending a snapshot of that image to each other on this popular instant messaging android application called whatsApp. Frustrated, I grudgingly grabbed the newspaper and sat down to read, hoping that it’d somewhat help in cooling down my mental systems. Printed on the glossy front page, was this marvelous photo of Moto E.

Fascinated, and somewhat drooling, I turned the page, so as to read the specifications of this device. I wasn’t disappointed. First things first. The phone came came with a 4.3 inch LCD display. For someone who had to squint furiously at a small square fitted into what can only be best described as a dabba, this was nothing short of a playground.


The best part is that it comes in with the latest version of android operating system, i.e the android lollipop! 😀 What’s more, the phone came with a 5 mp camera. Now being someone who had to make do with a vga back camera, this was Christmas. What more could one want, I wondered? My mind slowly and steadily drifted off into the realms of imagination, day dreaming about what it’d be like to own this beast of a smart phone.

1) I’d come on whatsApp.

I have since long only heard about this application wherein people send messages,videos, photos and music via groups and private conversations. Not only will this facilitate my almost non existent social life, but it will also help me in my times of academic distress wherein I have an assignment due the next day and I don’t even have the questions. So yeah, whatsApp would be one of my topmost priorities.

2) I’d take pictures. LOADS of ’em.


After a vga camera, 5 mp would be nothing short of a treat! So yeah, I’d literally never stop taking pictures. Having coffee at starbucks? Yeah, let’s take a picture of that. Came across a pretty flower in some lane near by? Oh, definitely, I’d like a picture of that, it’s so pretty! Oh and of course, how on earth can I forget selfies? Being the narcissist that I am, I think capturing selfies would be a mandatory routine. Click!

Taking selfies like a boss! image link:
Taking selfies like a boss!
image link:

3) What’s the point of taking pictures and not sharing them with the world? I’d want to download snapchat and instagram!

I’d go to fancy places, and then post pictures of what I eat. Sounds too cliche? I doughnut care. ( See what I did there? 😛 )


no longer would I be clueless about apps like snapchat.

I see my friends posing for selfies and posting them on image sharing applications like snapchat and instagram, and my brain instantly starts visualizing me with a smartphone in my hand, furiously tapping at the screen, capturing images after images, and posting them online. Gee, that’d be fun.

4) Having youtube, gmail, and all major applications at my fingertips.

Gone will be the days when I’d have to manually access videos and emails with the help of a computer or a laptop; They’d all be just one touch away, all thanks to the new moto E! 😀

5) Voice control! Isn’t that downright awesome!?

For newbies such as me who’ve only had their voices participate in voice calls, this added feature which helps you access applications using just your voice, would be nothing short of a novelty.

6) A great phone like moto E deserves to be shown off, and that’s exactly what I’d do.

It would indeed be a shame if I owned a phone as awesome as this and didn’t show it off, wouldn’t it? What with all the changeable back covers and sleek design, it isn’t anything short of an electronic piece of brilliance.

7) HD display! Now I could watch videos on my phone; with supreme quality at that!


Gone will be the days wherein I’d cry and crib about how my phone doesn’t play videos. With the HD display and superior audio quality, I could watch videos after videos on my smartphone with guaranteed quality! 😀

So basically what I’m trying to say here is that getting a Moto E as my first smartphone would be the best thing EVERR. It’s always great to start anything with the best that you’ve got, and what better way to enter the smartphone era than with the all new Moto E?

download (1)

Yeah, I #choosetostart my android experience with the all new Moto E, the best smartphone in it’s range! What more could a human being want?

Are you as fascinated as I am by this super amazing phone? Check out the link below!

Conundrum of the Indian poo.

It’s 4 A.M as Babli hears the first chirp of a distant bird. She yawns widely, splashes some water on her face, grabs a blue, tattered looking little bucket from a dark corner of the room, and heads outside. It’s still dark, with not a single soul in sight. Babli is relieved. Filling some water in her little blue bucket from a nearby tap, she hurries towards a grassy looking patch of land, the water in the bucket moving precariously from side to side, threatening to spill. Once deciding upon a spot of her preference, she let’s out a sigh and finally sits to answer the nature’s call.

This is a procedure which scores of women, not unlike Babli, undergo at the crack of dawn, every single day. For a normal Indian man/woman residing not only in rural, but also in urban areas, this act of defecating out in the open is almost second nature. Women, for somewhat obvious reasons, choose to get done with this ritual before they get spotted and things get sort of awkward. It won’t be wrong, thus, to say that a woman has to go out of her way, to avoid public gaze so as to avoid embarrassment in order to answer the nature’s call.

This issue has finally been addressed today, and thus as a result, a lot of organisations, groups, and people are offering to sponsor the construction of toilets across various areas of the country. It’s funny though, how despite of having a public toilet at one’s disposal at an area pretty close by, one still sometimes chooses to answer the nature’s call the old school way. They blatantly refuse to see how their negligence towards lack of hygiene can give birth to millions of problems, propagation of various  diseases being one of them.

Toilet kyun chahiye, hume khule mein hi jyada pasand hai.”

This is what is the mindset of some people who refuse to see sense, and who sometimes enforce their opinions on others, thus barring the way for change of thoughts to enter their minds.

People need to know that toilets are not just four walls protecting one’s dignity.  They’re the keepers of hygiene, not to mention the fact that they can help keep potential spread of diseases at bay.

But yeah, keeping a toilet clean is just as important. Else, worse problems are born.

Thankfully, though, the wave of change has hit the country. Hundreds of mindsets are changing, and many hands are coming together to help this cause. And needless to say, Women will be best impacted by the time the country has had a satisfactory distribution of this facility across it’s lands.

So the next time you decide to take a little vacation to spend some time in a rural area midst nature, and see a little girl swinging a bucket back and forth on her way back from a souchalay, you’ll know that someone made a choice, a difference.

Want to see how you can help make a difference? Follow this link!

A letter from Death to Birth.

Greetings, oh mother of the living. That I have have chosen to write you this letter, should come off as no surprise; for we are companions in contradiction, archways of transition, and star crossed in the matters of destiny , intricately infused in the lives of beings who tread upon the earthly planes as two imminent, absolute finalities. You are the bestower of life, smiling ever so serenely under the moon beamed ray of a selfless giver; and I, Death, have thrived in naught but despair and sorrow, for my arrival is beheld as the most tragic circumstance. Beings of life greet me not with open arms, but with a clenched fist, refusing to big goodbye to a beating heart. Was it not decided when the first stars shown, when the first sun rose, that you would pave an entry into the battlefield, and I, the exit?  Was it not a norm, etched across the stone of absolution? Why, then, is it, that you are revered, rejoiced, worshipped even, and I am but a beacon of deepest dread, hatred and undying fear? You are, in actuality a door leading into a treacherous battlefield, surreptitiously tricking minds into thinking that it is you who is the giver, while in reality, it is I, leading souls towards spiritual liberation.
There are few though, who relish my arrival; some saints, and some, plagued with the calamity of distress and sorrow, begging my noose around their necks to draw the final curtains. To those, I provide respite in my shadows, and to others, I help move on. And yet, there are those who attempt to thwart my arrival, running to your bosom for solace, as fast as their mortal, mundane legs can carry them. You, Birth, have procured a place in the mortal hearts because of the illusion of joy you carry along, while I, Death, am perceived with an eye of malice and fear.
I, though, am left choice less in the wake of the primeval laws. I have to, and shall thereby continue to, reprise my role as the bearer of the job of separation of mortals; lovers and loved alike. It will perhaps never be revealed to the masses, for it is you so who ever so skillfully delude those whom you breathe life into, that I, in all truth, am the lesser privileged mother, the loathed door leading towards spiritual liberation.
You are the prologue, and I, the epilogue. You are the beginning of an end, and I, the end of a beginning. It is with this note that I end this letter, bearing within me a fragile ray hope that someday, I will be rejoiced just as much as you, that we will be able to start, and end a story as equals, that someday, the universe may conspire to marry us into a vast ocean, that hasn’t an end or a beginning.

“Happiness can …

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”- Albus Dumbledore

This is one of my most favorite quotes from Harry Potter by one of my most favorite characters from the series, i.e, Albus Dumbledore. This is the quote which keeps me going on in the not-so-illuminated phases of my life. Dumbledore taught me to turn on the light, alright. 🙂